Spring 2012
Blue tit Mrs. and Mr. Oscar
Nesting box

Take a look at these embedded videos and visit the YouTube channel BirdNestBox

Follow this link to see some extracted images.

May 14. A very windy day. Nest soon finished.

May 13. Still building nest and first night sleepover.

May 10. Birds continue to build nest.

May 7. Birds have stopped building nest. But they are still together.
Below is some combined videos from the last days. New pictures are also added here.

Day 4. No progress. It has been rainy weather.
(Nice weather tomorrow)

Day 3. Building...or removing nest?

Have they changed their mind?

Day 2. Building nest.
Big progress.

Day 1. The blue tits starts to build a nest.
Finally. This is what I have been waiting for.